provides technological  power to the customer, you. Our experience in real time technologies is rivaled only by a very few, the following is a list of products and services that we provide.

Web Services Security
DNS administration
Web Servers and Setups
Domain Administration and registration
DSL Services
T1, T3 Internet Services
Web hosting
Web Design and Maintenance
Online File and Backup Services
Online Databases
Static Ip Addresses
SSL Services
Web Site Stats
Web Site Blocking
Email Blocking
Custom Web Graphics
Firewall Testing for vulnerabilities
Network Testing for shares and permissions
Packet Logging Packet Sniffing
Password Recovery/Cracking
IP tracking and location
Abuse Reporting Services
Spyware removal
Virus removal


Computer Controlled Power System
Wall and light modules
Software and Hardware to control almost anything electrical from anywhere in the world.

Internet Data Voice Lines

Firewall Administration
Router Configuration
Router Designs
24 hour Network Monitoring
VLAN Administration
VPN Network Administration
Network Segmenting
Network Consulting ( get a second opinion or a first )
NAS Systems
Ip administration and setups
Remote Dial in Service
Cisco Management, Configuration
Watchguard Configuration
Circuit installs T3/T1/ADTSE/DSL/Cable
PRI Installs
BRI Installs

PTP Wireless configurations
(Currently up to 12 miles)
Support Services
We offer complete computer company support services for all of your employee's
Servers Administration
Syslog Servers
IM Servers
Mail Servers
DNS Servers
Web Servers
FTP Servers
MYSQL Servers
Linux Servers
BSD Servers
Sun Servers
Windows Servers
File Servers
Bandwidth Regulators
Bandwidth Monitors
Proxy Servers
Radius Servers
Rack Systems
Backup administration
Remote Administration
Remote Admin setups
Systems Repairs
Personal PC
MAC Computers
Dos Systems
Windows Systems
Sun Servers
Linux ,Unix Servers

Point Of Sales Equipment & Repair
Receipt Printers
Cash Drawers
Thin Clients
Touch Screens
Surveillance Telephone PBX/VOIP
Internet Surveillance Cameras
Telephone Services VOIP/PBX
Voice Over IP (VOIP)
Data Recovery Backup
Data Recovery
Formatted or Deleted
Backup administration
Backup designs and implications
Off Site Backups
On Site Backups


Hardware Data
System Cleaning, Inside Out
Fan Replacements
CPU upgrades
Ram Installs

Hard Drive Copies
Software Installs

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Professional Technicians

We Repair Personal Computers

Virus removal
Data recovery
Part replacement
Data transfer
New and Used Computers

Rates May Vary depending on mileage
Advanced Services listed  are available at special service rates
please contact us below for pricing and questions.


24/7 V-mail available
Emergency service is available for a paid
 subscription fee

Ask your computer tech if he can do all this for you!

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